Boobie Body - Protein Superfood Shake

  • Perfect for Increasing Lactation, Meal Replacement, Pre and Post Workout Energy
  • Plant-Based Superfood Protein Shake For Busy Moms
  • Created by lactation consultant, Nurse Wendy Colson
  • Powered by our proprietary Boobie Blend™ of milk enhancing herbs and superfood ingredients
  • Ditch the generic protein powders, all those supplement pills, free up your counter space because we packed it ALL in just ONE scoop! 
  • $39.99 - 20 Servings
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Proprietary Boobie Blend™ of Milk Producing Herbs 

Our patented Boobie Blend™ of organic herbs and spices naturally produce galactagogues—a proven milk boosting herb. We blend moringa, shatavari, turmeric, fenugreek, and flaxseed with creamy nut butters and milk boosting oats to make a delicious breastfeeding bar.


Created by a
board-certified lactation consultant

Boobie Bars® were born in 2011 when our founder, lactation consultant and neonatal nurse Wendy Colson, decided it was time to create a nutrition bar for nursing moms. Time and time again, Nurse Wendy’s lactation patients asked her what they could eat to help increase their milk supply—and with her experience as a lactation consultant and her interest in baking as a backdrop, Nurse Wendy began creating milk-boosting nutrition bars in her home kitchen, using her patients and three daughters as taste-testers. Soon enough, word began to spread about her delicious, nutritious, effective lactation bars … and the rest, as they say, is Boobie history!