Customer Testimonials

“Boobie Bars are great! On average, one bar helped me produce 5 oz. more per day. An added bonus is that they taste great too.” - Kristin B.

"When my daughter was 6 months old my milk supply began to dwindle. With little to no success with teas and lactation cookies, my friend introduced me to Boobie Bars. Within one week I began seeing increased milk production that lasted through my daughter's first birthday. Not only did Boobie Bars increase my milk production, they were also a tasty and healthy treat I looked forward to eating every morning." - Kristin H.

"Boobie Bars provided the same boost to my supply as the high calorie, time consuming lactation smoothie that I usually make to build my supply after a dip. My baby appreciated how convenient and effective Boobie Bars are. They gave me a piece of mind that dips are temporary because it is so easy to grab a bar!" - Malia C.

"Thank you for creating Boobie Bars! They are my go to snack when traveling for work! They have really helped me keep my supply up as I work full time and frequently travel overnight. They are easy to travel with, I always have a few in my laptop bag. I can definitely tell the difference when pumping. They also taste great, love the variety of flavors!" - Liz B.

“A yummy way to boost your milk supply. The fact that you only need to eat one bar per day makes everything super easy” - Andrea F.

"The week I got my Boobie Bars I was sick and started my menstrual cycle. I would have normally seen a huge decrease in my supply, however Boobie Bars helped me maintain my supply and made my milk a lot more fatty. Compared to other “cookies” on the market, I would definitely recommend Boobie Bars! They are more flavorful and truly work. Very happy!" - Shannon N.

“They taste great! I noticed an increase in my production of 3.5 ounces from day 1 to 10. The bar size is perfect and very convenient for eating on the go. I have struggled with supply and it was exciting to see how much each pump would produce on a daily basis after eating a Boobie Bar.” - Michelle C. (after 10 days of eating Boobie Bars).

“I have been eating Boobie Bars regularly since by daughter was about 4 months old, she is 13 months now. I wish I had started sooner! I did not have any real supply issues, but I was looking for something that was good for me and my baby as well as easy for me on the go as I was easing back into work. Boobie Bars were the perfect solution. I don't have to feel guilty about reaching for a snack and it is actually fulfilling and even satisfies a little of a sweet tooth!” -Lacey M.

“I can definitely tell a difference when I'm eating them! I produce quite a bit more milk. My son gulps pretty fast during most feedings realizing there is more milk! I have always produced enough milk for each of my boys but now I like to mix some of my breast milk with food with solids. It is nice to have the extra help to produce more! So, the bars definitely work! Plus they taste amazing!!!” - Michelle L. (after one box of Boobie Bars)

"I have always loved Boobie Bars and I feel like they have really helped me through this cold/allergy. I also happened to get my period back this week and because I was eating Boobie Bars I did not notice a dip. I’ve been anxious because I get engorged a lot less (even at night now that my son is sleeping nearly thru), but after eating Boobie Bars I feel more full more often. The new flavors are amazing! I love the blueberry coconut and love the fact that the peanut butter is gluten-free too. I can’t wait to give Boobie Bars as gifts at baby showers." - Kate C.

“I struggled with supply issues from the start and seemed to be constantly on the look out for new ways to boost production. I did not hear about Boobie Bars until my daughter was six weeks old, but they worked so well that I ate one per day for about seven months. They are not only delicious (I looked forward to it every morning), but they gave me the supply boost I needed to be able to exclusively breastfeed my daughter. I totally credit Boobie Bars for allowing me to exclusively bf and not supplement with formula (we made it 12.5 months!). Now I tell all my friends about Boobie Bars!” - Ashley O.

"Boobie Bars were my go to snack (and sometimes breakfast) in the wee hours of the morning - a fast, delicious, nutritious way to start the day before my LO woke up to nurse. Loved every single flavor!" - Alexandra E.