Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many Boobie Bars® should I eat each day?
A: Boobie Bars® contain a collection of distinctive milk-making herbs and ingredients, known as Boobie Blend™. These herbs are commonly found only in teas and pills...until now!! Eating just ONE Boobie Bar® per day contains your daily dose of milk-boosting herbs, which were hand picked by a board certified lactation consultant with proven results, however you may find yourself eating more than one because our customers describe Boobie Bars® as addicting!

Q: How important is it to eat one Boobie Bar® per day?
A: Very important! Boobie Bars® contain our proprietary Boobie Blend™ and these natural galactogogues need to build in your system over time to see optimal results. Just like the prenatal vitamins (aka horse pills) you took during pregnancy, you reap the most benefits when you eat one per day.

Q: How quickly should I expect to see results?
A: It varies from mom to mom, however based on our independent study and user testimonials, most moms see results within three to five days. In our independent study, participants increased their breastmilk supply 1.5- 4.6 oz. per day by eating just ONE Boobie Bar a day.

*Please keep in mind that Boobie Bars® are intended for those with an established milk supply. If you are struggling with milk supply, Boobie Bars® are not meant to replace the advice of an in-person lactation professional.

Q: How do I store my Boobie Bars®?
A: Boobie Bars® do not need to be refrigerated or frozen, making them the most convenient lactation food product on the market. Because of their individually wrapped design and grab & go box, feel free to keep them on the counter, in your diaper bag, desk drawer at work or wherever is most convenient. Even though they have a long shelf life despite having NO PERSERVATIVES, we’re betting you will eat them quite quickly!

Q: How are Boobie Bars® different than lactation cookies?
A: Boobie Bars® are not intended to be another dessert item or indulgence where you have to eat 2-3 per day. Who wants to GAIN weight after having a baby?! Boobie Bars replace teas and pills as a way to ingest your milk-making herbs. They are .delicious and the easiest way to get your daily dose of milk-boosting herbs in just ONE BAR.

Boobie Bars® are the only lactation food product created by an IBCLC, containing distinctive milk-making herbs, known as Boobie Blend™. Nurse Wendy's blend builds in your system, similar to a vitamin, maximizing the benefits of Boobie Bars®.

Q: Will Boobie Bars® help me if I have a medical diagnoses of low milk supply?
A: A delayed onset of Lactogenesis (aka milk not “in”) is unfortunately not uncommon in lactation. Medical conditions like, Insufficient Glandular Tissue (tubular breasts), history of breast surgery, decreased breast stimulation and/or lack of emptying the breast in the early postpartum days, a NICU admission, or even a tongue-tie can cause a dip in your milk supply. These situations require the assistance of an experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). However, eating Boobie Bars® will still provide a yummy daily snack to support any milk supply you may be able to offer your baby while supplementing. Click here to find an IBCLC near you.

Q: If I start eating Boobie Bars® in pregnancy will I have more breastmilk after I deliver?
A: We don’t blame you for wanting to eat our delicious Boobie Bars® even before your baby arrives, but let us remind you, our bars contain a unique combination of ingredients to specifically support the needs of a lactating mom with an established milk supply. They do not replace stimulating your supply by breastfeeding and pumping efficiently and frequently. After delivery, we recommend you seek the advice of an IBCLC in your area to assist you in meeting your breastfeeding goals. We are confident the postpartum months will fly-by and you will become one of many satisfied Boobie Bar® customers! We can’t wait to hear your testimonials!

Q: What if my partner loves the taste of Boobie Bars® too?
A: Although we would all agree it would be nice to have our partners share in the breastfeeding/pumping experience, you can rest assured the only one who may leak milk after consuming Boobie Bars® is mom. That being said, many husbands/partners/friends have enjoyed the yummy taste of Boobie Bars®! Share to your heart's delight, but that might mean there are less for you. :)

Q: Is it OK if my kids nibble on Boobie Bars® too?
A: Those little grabbing hands of a toddler/child will no doubt want you to share your yummy Boobie Bar®, but remember it’s designed for a lactating mom. In order to maximize the benefits from the daily dose of Boobie Blend™ in each bar, you’ll want to keep your bar all to yourself (or you'll have to buy extra to share).

Q: What allergens do Boobie Bars® contain?
A: Boobie Bars® contain no dairy, no corn, and are 100% vegan and kosher.

  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip: Wheat, soy, and coconut.
  • Blueberry Coconut: Wheat and coconut.
  • Gluten Free Peanut Butter: Peanuts and coconut.

Q: Why are Boobie Bars® vegan? Is there a gluten free flavor?
A: Boobie Bars® were designed by an IBCLC. She found such a large number of moms who either chose to give up dairy voluntarily while breastfeeding or were advised to give up dairy from their pediatrician. To accommodate gluten free moms, we created our peanut butter flavor that is not only vegan but 100% gluten free!

Q: Can I send Boobie Bars® as a gift or purchase a gift certificate?
A: Yes! Boobie Bars® make the perfect baby shower gift or welcome home present for mom. Click here to start shopping for your loved ones now.

Q: How do I share a testimonial for Boobie Bars®?
A: We would love to hear from you! Please share your testimonial on our “Share Your Testimonial” page. Since we can’t meet all our customers face to face, don’t forget to include a picture of yourself enjoying a Boobie Bar®, pictures of your pumped milk and your adorable baby!

*We do our best to share all of our testimonials and pictures, however your submission does not guarantee that it will appear on our site. However, we know moms are the busiest people on the planet so if we share your testimony you will receive a special thank you...

Q: How does ‘Club Boobie Bar’ work?
A: When you enroll in Club Boobie Bar you will select five boxes to receive in your first 30 day supply of Boobie Bars®. You will complete the check-out process by selecting Paypal (not Amazon) for checkout and your 30 bars will be shipped the next day. Exactly 30 days later (your renewal date each month is specific to your original date of purchase), your credit card will be billed again and another 30 bars will be shipped automatically. At any time you have the option to update your account settings and change your flavor selections for the next month by emailing us at

Q: How do I make changes to my 'Club Boobie Bar' account?
A: At any time you have the option to edit your account options.  To ONLY change your flavor selection email us at : at least 24 hours before your order ships.

Log into your account to modify your payment method, change the frequency of your shipments, to change your shipping address, or cancel at any time. Unless, you change your frequency, you will only be billed every 30 days. All monthly orders will ship on the day your credit card is billed(Sunday renewals ship Mondays). Please note, once your credit card is billed and your shipment is sent, we are unable to reimburse you or change the order details.

Q: How do I use a coupon code or e-gift certificate?
A: During the check-out process you will see a blank entry field below the contents of your cart (on the left hand side) that reads, "coupon code" with a grey button reading, 'APPLY COUPON'. Enter your coupon code in this entry field and apply the coupon. The value of your e-gift certificate or coupon will be applied to your order.

Q: I am a store owner and would like to sell Boobie Bars®. How do I set up a wholesale account?
A: Please click here for more information about carrying Boobie Bars® in your store. After completing the form, a Boobie Bar Team Member will be in touch within one business day. Thank you for your interest!