Our Story

Boobie Bars® were born in 2011 when our founder, lactation consultant and neonatal nurse Wendy Colson, decided it was time to create a nutrition bar for nursing moms. There was no such product on the market, especially one designed for busy moms on the go, and Wendy knew that nursing moms needed her help.

Wendy Colson Cooking with Boobie Bars

Time and time again, Nurse Wendy’s lactation patients asked her what they could eat to help increase their milk supply—and with her experience as a lactation consultant and her interest in baking as a backdrop, Nurse Wendy began creating milk-boosting nutrition bars in her home kitchen, using her patients and three daughters as taste-testers.

With a few tweaks to the recipe here and there and lots of feedback from her nursing moms, Nurse Wendy started offering Boobie Bars® to the women who attended her weekly breastfeeding support group in the San Diego area. Soon enough, word began to spread about her delicious, nutritious, effective lactation bars … and the rest, as they say, is Boobie history!


PREMIUM INGREDIENTS We use only the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients with no preservatives.

DELICIOUSNESS Our bars contain great-tasting superfood ingredients that your body craves.

FRESHNESS All of our bars are made in small batches right here in California, then delivered to your doorstep or your local retailer.

CONVENIENCE We know that moms are short on time, so Nurse Wendy made Boobie Bars® easy to grab and go.

INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS Nurse Wendy will continue to create women’s health products that are missing from the market to enrich your lives and save you time.   

AND MOST IMPORTANT … Our mission is to make you feel you more confident as a nursing mom, and to help you reach your personal breastfeeding goals.