Boobie Bar Founder Wendy Colson

Nurse Wendy, RN, IBCLC, is a registered nurse who specializes in maternal/newborn health and is a board certified lactation consultant helping mothers achieve their nursing goals. While in private practice, she was repeatedly asked the same question from mothers, “What can I eat to help maintain or increase my milk supply?” At the same time, her busy mom clients were looking for a healthy and convenient food item to take on the go. This is when the idea of Boobie Bar® was born! In 2011, Wendy started making Boobie Bars® in her home kitchen and selling them exclusively to her lactation clients. From her direct experience as an IBCLC working with moms who struggled with low milk supply, she hand selected each milk-making ingredient known as a galactagogue. This proprietary blend of herbs she calls, Boobie Blend™, is what sets her bars apart from any other lactation product currently on the market.  She wanted to create something which could replace her moms having to brew teas and popping 6-15 pills a day. Now you can get your entire daily dose of galactagogues (milk-making ingredients) in a convenient health food bar which you can take with you on the go. 

Because Boobie Bars are unique in that they combine a proprietary herb blend developed by an IBCLC contained in a convenient food bar the PATENT IS PENDING! Nurse Wendy tested Boobie Bars® for taste and effectiveness at her weekly breastfeeding support group, Milk and Cookies. Because of their therapeutic taste and positive results, many first time customers quickly became long term customers with a 94% reorder rate!

Her lactation patients and her breastfeeding support group attendees caused her to sell out of her home-baked Boobie Bars each week! They all encouraged her to share the boobie love with moms all over the world and bring Boobie Bars to the mass market because they experienced a quick increase in milk supply, loved the healthy taste, convenience, and effectiveness of Boobie Bars® . When Boobie Bars launched in April 2015 they quickly became a favorite to moms in the United States and in Canada.

Note From The Founder

Here at Boobie Bar® our mission is to support a healthy breastmilk supply and to foster the breastfeeding relationship for nursing moms and babies everywhere! Having a strong support system is one the most important factors for breastfeeding success. Whether you are new to breastfeeding and still getting the hang of it, or a seasoned pro, we are here for you! Since all babies go through different growth spurts, even nursing toddlers, your body is always working to meet the demands of your little nursling(s). While no product on the market can replace the assistance of a live IBCLC or other lactation professional, we take comfort in knowing Boobie Bars® will assist more moms in reaching their breastfeeding goals. Our independent study, where we studied exclusively pumping moms found that Boobie Bars® can increase milk supply up to 4.6oz per day after 3-5 days on average! Boobie Bars® are the perfect solution to help your baby drink more of your milkies, all while you get to eat a delicious and filling snack made with 100% coconut oil.

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